New Arrival
Printed in Tokyo
DE124 (2020)
What is Limpendo?
Limpendo is a publisher for original stickers. We make & sell hand printed stickers of many artists' drawings.

About printing
Limpendo's stickers are made with Serigraphy. Our print maker prints one color at a time that it is much more time consuming and costly comparing to inkjet prints. However, the rich and bold colors and the warmth it gives out is priceless. We also use stencils and our original techniques as well. It is hard to see any of these on the screen, so please do take a look at one of our stickers in stores!

Is modern Ukiyo-e?
Ukiyo-e was one of the entertainments for the general public during Edo period (about 200 years ago) in Japan. Beautiful multi colored woodblock prints done on Japanese washi paper, was only about the same price as a bowl of soba noodle. Everyone enjoyed together by flipping through them, or hanging them up using glue or rice. There are several print studios producing such wonderful traditional Ukiyo-e pieces today, but due to the rise in material cost, the price has gone up to 50 bowls of soba noodles, that it is no longer affordable for the general public. Limpendo seeked for ways to have everyone to enjoy the artistic prints with Edo price, and ended up at the current "small sticker" format.

Recommended use
Limpendo's stickers are great as gifts to your loved ones. It may not be suitable for a big event like birthday but why not give one out just to make someone happy!
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